Newsletter June 2020


“Let Learning Enrich Our Lives”

Hello all U3A Members

What a pleasure it is to welcome our gradual release into the normal world as we are now allowed
to meet with strict procedures, i.e. physical distancing & hand washing. Some activities are allowed – Croquet, Gym, but not singing (choir), which is a real disappointment to many. We are still waiting for the go ahead to have social gatherings, as numbers are still limited. I do hope you and your loved ones have managed to stay safe in these very trying times.

Mary and I joined a Zoom Forum with NSW President Laurene Mulcahy, and presidents of most of the U3As in our region. We met the new Regional Representative, who seems interested in learning more about what we do in Forbes, and, hopefully in sharing ideas across the region.

Here’s hoping we will meet at a U3A meeting in Spring!

Stay well & happy till then.


From the Webmaster.

Zoom meetings

What is zoom?   Zoom is one of several applications available enabling video conferencing, using desk top computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

During this time of Covid19 lock down several zoom meetings have taken place. The initial concept was to involve choir members, whereby with Elaine Huckel playing accompaniment we could all get involved singing from home.

Unfortunately this proved unsatisfactory due to a small but irritating time lag inherent in the system. However we made excellent use of the free zoom app in a social context.

An anomaly revealed, was the number of email addresses we hold on record were incorrect. Typographical errors or simply out of date information, just within the choir members alone. That explains why I have been emailing some members, without response.  It would be appreciated if you simply send an email to  allowing a cross check to be made.



Mamma Mia. The Orange Theatre Company is planning, at this stage, to hold this performance. It has been transferred to October and our booking is now transferred to Saturday 24th October 2020. Whether the performance proceeds will depend on the NSW Government and whether restrictions have been lifted.

I am assuming, at present, that it will take place and I need people who were booked for the 9th May to confirm with me that you will take up the 24th October date. Please ring 68511801 or 0438205519.

If you were unable to go on the 9th May but the 24th October suits then I have room on the coach. Please call so that I can add to the bookings in Orange.


We really don’t have much information to share in this Newsletter – just the things that we are hoping to do. Evelyn has been in touch with Mel Sinclair who is organising small group tours, but so far we have no details. The Committee has accepted the harsh reality of the times and decided that we can’t really do anything as a group until the Spring Semester. So, the Course Committee will be meeting in July, and we’ll more than likely be carrying over things we had planned for now. We’ll just have to change the dates for a Taste of Forbes, and fingers crossed the guest speakers we had planned for our General Meetings will be available later in the year.  The Spring Semester might be programmed a little differently than usual – which might not be such a bad thing. Keep us on our toes!! Doesn’t hurt to be challenged by change – all part of U3A’s philosophy.

Take care, and look forward to our meeting up, as soon as possible.