Newsletter December 2020


“Let Learning Enrich our Lives”

Dear fellow Members.

Welcome to less restrictions so we will be able to start with more socialising and activities, the reason I started with College for Seniors.

We are in the process of presenting a change to the name and updating the constitution at the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 16th February 2021, venue to be advised. Changes to the constitution will be minor, and in response to requirements of the relevant government departments.

This will be a great day to gather and socialise, so please come along to catch up with our exciting programme for 2021.

Cheers for now from your President,



Possible changes to the Constitution.

A sub-committee has met several times to review and make changes to our Constitution of Forbes College for Seniors Inc. Many people had been expressing a view on a name change and the eligibility for membership.

As a result, the committee has reviewed the whole constitution with two major changes. These two clause changes are listed below and will be put to the Members at the AGM which we hope will be held on February 16th. The whole constitution will be emailed/sent by letter at the mail out in February.

Clause 1: The name of the incorporated association shall be “Forbes U3A Inc.”

Clause 2: The membership of the association shall be open to all persons living in the Forbes & District who are no longer in full time employment, that is, work less than 38 hours a week and are approved by the executive of the Management Committee.

As you will have noted, the committee had a very busy meeting sorting out details about the AGM and the Constitution. Time at the meeting was also spent looking at possible courses/activities for 2021 – looking positively that 2021 will be a year in which we can meet, enjoy company and engage in the joy of sharing and learning.

Committee members came up with lots of beauties, covering a range of possibilities from the serious – speakers from different areas of health – e.g. Stroke Foundation and Older Person’s Mental Health, and Police (the latter addressing Road Rules) to the frivolous (sorry Doddy) “Show and Tell”- where we bring an item from home and talk about its history and meaning. Actually this is not frivolous as many such items have a deep meaning and represent important parts of our lives.

Visits to places of interest such as the Inland Port and local Solar Farm were also suggested. Evelyn continues to look into the trip to Goulburn which she had planned for this year – and we know how that turned out!

Barb Thomas is happy to continue her series on Famous & not-so-Famous People, And Alison Lockhart has put her hand up to run another Cryptic Crossword course.

Scrabble is a must, and there are a couple of other possibilities we are still working on.

Doddy has confirmed with Sheryl (Meals on Wheels) that Cooking for One will be able to go ahead, starting with finishing the course already started, and looking for new participants for future courses. Those who have participated in this course are very positive, and we hope that more people will take advantage of this in 2021.

Please, please let us know what ideas you would like to be included in 2021-the beauty of U3A is that it depends on its members to direct its activities. If you have an idea about a course and would like to present it, don’t be afraid – we have wonderful technical and other support available, so you wouldn’t have do it all on your own. The committee will be meeting next on 13th January, so please let us know before then so we can consider all options when preparing the calendar.

NSW Seniors Festival will be held from 14-24 April 2021 and the Seniors Concert will be at the Town Hall on Sunday 18th April. As numbers will be limited to 104, early bookings are suggested. 


Now who can’t relate to the following from Judy Ellis, who is ever ready to encourage us to not take ourselves too seriously!



Just a little extra from Judy for you to consider:


Another Month Ends
All Targets Met
All Systems Working
All Customers Satisfied
All Staff Eager & Enthusiastic
All Pigs Fed and Ready to Fly


Which, of course, does not relate to Forbes College for Seniors at all!


For those who have access to email – and there are more and more of you, so Neil reports, we would encourage you to read Newslink (U3A NSW Network Newsletter). It is really interesting to see what other U3A groups have been up to, and a great source of ideas we might be able to follow up in Forbes. For those who don’t have such access, please contact Mary (0403 211 064) and a hard copy can be printed off for you.


You will remember that Hiral Patel from Forbes Council spoke to us (in the good old days when we could meet) about Getting our Scrap Together. The 3 month trial, which pitted the councils of Forbes, Clarence River and Kempsey against each other in the Scrap stakes, is nearing an end and will soon be evaluated. It will be interesting to see which Council wins. Hopefully Forbes does well in reducing organic waste going to landfill and sending it instead to be recycled into wonderful, rich compost.

SEASONS’S GREETING to all our friends

As this unbelievable year, two thousand and twenty ends

With the COVID pandemic that has caused havoc around the world,

Whilst we’ve watched further trauma after terrible trauma unfurled – 

Droughts, fires, floods, landslides, volcanoes, riots and electoral fiascos.

Wonderful is the world of technology, people’s resilience, and in hard times 

How the milk of human kindness flows.

We, here in Forbes, have been truly blessed

With safety and care, open spaces and all the amenities at our behest.

We’ve lost a few of our members who’ll be sadly missed

And our love and thoughts to the many others on the sick or injured list.

Our thanks to the leadership team who’ve worked quietly in the background

Keeping our organisation afloat as we’ve hibernated to keep ourselves safe and sound.

Please everybody, take care. You’re all so precious and dear.

May God bless us all as we look forward to a happier and more promising New Year.